Fond - Secteur d'activité

Design office

Constantly at the forefront of technology, our engineers study and develop for you, high technology products, reliable and robust. Their expertise in Research & Development will allow you to receive a complete support adapted to your needs.

Within our design office, we have 3 poles: 

  • The electronic pole
  • The mechanical pole
  • The pole intended for the software

Our engineers are then able, thanks to these three poles, to carry out a prototyping, as well as the qualifications to answer your request.

Bureau d'étude


Our production pole is defined in the first place by manufacturing. Dynamic and reactive, our production department prepares, assembles and carries out your battery orders in compliance with our quality charter.

  • Verification of ISO standards (such as ISO 9001:2015)
  • Realization of functional tests and trials

ACCUWATT Technologies products are designed with high quality components ensuring optimal reliability.

We make high precision welds for you to ensure the safety of batteries with wires from 0.1mm to 0.5mm, thanks to our new bonding system 8650 | Bondtec. 


Maintenance & Repairs

Our production division also provides maintenance and after-sales repairs for products under warranty and out of warranty for which a repair estimate has been provided.

  • Maintenance in operational conditions of products
  • Ensures preventive and curative maintenance
  • Repairs your products 

Our service advises you and accompanies you throughout the use of your ACCUWATT Technologies products.


Training center

Qualified and experienced, our trainers accompany you throughout the use of your products.

formation service